Fine vinegars, oils and more

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Ms. Meinelt


We offer Mediterranean specialities and delicious delicacies of the highest quality:
high-quality vinegar and oil specialities, the finest liqueurs, fine spirits, special batches of exquisite whisk(e)ys, select wines – from our own production or directly from producers for whom sustainable growing, the responsible use of natural products and traditional production methods are a matter of course.
We bottle all of our own products – straight "from the barrel" as our name suggests – into individually labelled bottles of your choice. You can of course try out any of our delicacies that are open to make your choice easier. We offer individual advice to guide you through your own personal and creative use of our products to make them a special delight day after day!

Gifts are not only a sign of friendship, they are also an expression of gratitude and appreciation. Give someone an individually bottled gift for a special occasion that stands out from the rest when it comes to quality and design – carefully selected by you and gift packaged by us just the way you want it. Our gift baskets – filled with freshly bottled delicacies and select gourmet foods – will leave a lasting impression on the person receiving the gift.

Try out your own personal "BARREL world" based on the motto "Look – Taste – Enjoy"!
Why not become one of our regular connoisseurs! We look forward to welcoming you!