06 April

We are still open

Dear CITTI-PARK customers and visitors, we are open from Monday to Saturday! We gladly welcome you and make sure that you can shop safely. Many restaurants are open and offer their dishes and drinks to take away.

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Dear CITTI-PARK customers and visitors, 

we are open and also the shops and doctors! (Many restaurants offer dishes and drinks to take away)

You can already register via luca App in participating shops. 

You can find the opening times of our shops here.

Our precautions
Masks are required in the entire center and outside area. The parking spaces and garage are also included. Please consider that the mask (FFP2 mask or surgical mask) has to cover your mouth and nose. A plastic visor (face shield) is not permitted. Children under 6 years do not have to wear a mask as well as people with a corresponding certificate.

We have information boards with hygiene measures (distance, hygiene, (FFP2 mask or surgical mask) throughout the center, which are checked by the staff. Please keep distance of at least 1.5 m to other people, wash your hands regularly or use our free disinfectant dispenser in the mall. The handrails of the railings, sensitive grip points and the toilet facilities in the PARK are cleaned and disinfected in short intervals. Please stay in these areas as briefly as possible.

What applies in the shops?
The shops are open for you as usual and the number of customers per shop is limited. Every shop has developed a hygiene concept that protects you and, among other things, one-way streets to ensure the minimum distance. The employees also wear masks.

Are the restaurants open?
Many restaurateurs offer their dishes and drinks to take away. The consumption of food and drinks is not allowed inside the mall. 

We ask for your understanding that due to the current situation there can always occur any deviations and changes at short notice. We update you via our homepage, Facebook and Instagram.

Stay healthy!