Christmas time

20.11.2023 - 23.12.2023


Enjoy Christmas time

Look forward to a wonderful pre-Christmas season with us at CITTI-PARK - with beautiful decorations and great activities.

Enjoy the Christmas season with us at CITTI-PARK - with atmospheric decorations and glittering lighting, we create a cosy, magical atmosphere and many magical moments for all visitors, young and old.

Great gift ideas, arts and crafts and much more can be found in the shops and at the stalls at our beautiful Christmas market in the mall.

Christmas photo campaign
A wonderful tradition, a magical gift and a tingling experience are the Christmas photos here at CITTI-PARK again this year - in co-operation with JAKOMO Fotoevents. >>> More info

In the outdoor area
In addition to the numerous catering options in the mall, you can also enjoy the fresh air and feast on the way to the car or simply in between. The large swing barbecue and the crêpes and Mutzen stand make the Christmas atmosphere perfect.

The Christmas tree sales takes place in front of CITTI-PARK.